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Fieldwork Opportunities

Information on archaeological digs, fieldwork opportunities, and volunteer programs around the world.

Resources for Volunteers - Archaeological Institute of America

Preparing for a . is not the romantic treasure hunt sometimes seen in the movies. On the contrary, archaeology is a blend of scientific disciplines requiring methodological attention to procedure and detail.

Athenian Agora Volunteer Program - Archaeological Fieldwork ...

Athenian Agora . This listing expired on December 19, 2023. Please contact [email protected] for any updated . Location: Athens, Greece. Season: June 10, 2024 to August 2, 2024. Session Dates: June 10 to August 2, 2024. Application Deadline: December 9, 2023. Deadline Type: Exact Date.

Volunteering - Archeology (U.S. National Park Service) gov

help with archeological collections from Aztec Ruins National Monument. NPS photo. The National Park Service offers across the nation and its territories in parks, regional offices, and . positions are not paid, but can involve tasks ranging from leading tours, to artifact processing, to data ...

Excavations at Ancient Argilos, Greece - Archaeological Fieldwork ...

Argilos is situated on the Northern Coast of the Aegean sea, 4 kilometers west of the Strymon delta. It is one of the earliest Greek colonies in this area, founded in 655/54 B.C. Excavations conducted by the University of Montreal and the Greek Ephoreia of Serres have uncovered extensive architectural remains, covering all periods of occupation.

Dig the Biblical World - Biblical Archaeology Society

Every year, the Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS) compiles a listing of for to participate in archaeology . Participating in an excavation is a unique and exciting way to experience history firsthand. This year we are featuring more than two dozen sites in Israel, Jordan ...

Archaeological Volunteer and Excavation Experience

(opens in a new window) VolunteerForever: & Excavation (opens in a new window) York Archaeology. Laboratory and Museum . There are no formal programmes for voluntary laboratory work but there can be ad hoc during the year.

Down and dirty: what volunteers bring to archaeological digs

This is an increasingly popular trend among excavations where members of the public pay to work as part of the team. The Paphos Theatre Project has run our since ...

Get Involved - Council for British Archaeology

Get Involved. Here at the Council for British Archaeology, we want to open up archaeology to as many people as possible. Whether you're fascinated by archaeology, want to get involved by volunteering, or are studying or working in archaeology, we offer a range of exciting ways to get involved. View more.

Vindolanda Excavation Volunteers

2024 Vindolanda Excavations. 8th April - 20th September 2024. Roman Vindolanda Fort. The archaeologists and their teams of will be out Mon - Fri weather permitting. We'll be excavating a new area of the site this year. Come see history as it is uncovered. There will be no excavations at Vindolanda in July & August.

Volunteer at the Australian Museum - The Australian Museum

View Student for . Are there any fossil expeditions I can for? The Australian Museum has a very popular Dinosaurs gallery and a fossil collection of more than 125,000 specimens. No fossil for are organised by the Australian Museum. We suggest searching online to explore what may be on offer.

DigVentures Dig Calendar

Wondering if you can an ? Or want to add some archaeology to your holiday? ... About Us. Who we are. DV was born from a mission: to connect people who love archaeology with to do archaeology. About us. What we do. We organise projects that people can be involved in, online and in the ...

Volunteer | The Archaeological Research Institute - EXPLORE ARI

There are plenty of to at ARI that do not require a certification. Here are a few options: Garden, Trails & Site Care and Maintenance. Research. Fundraising. Organization Operations -Marketing, Advertising, Office Organization, Gift Shop Inventory. Newsletter.

Archaeological Dig & Excavation Volunteer Programs Around the World

Give presentations on your findings at a local museum. Where you stay depends on which site you're working . Make the most of your free time and explore, and do things like plan a trip to Transylvania! fees begin at $2,970, with five weeks costing $4,690 (or $938 per week). Read more here.

Great Excavations: Volunteering on Archaeological Sites Worldwide

a . Check out these sites: Adventures in Preservation Hands- preservation . Bulletin Searchable database maintained by the Institute of America. Earthwatch This organization pairs with environmental projects all over the ...

Digging Out a Future With an Archaeology Job Abroad

Gemma Watson, a PhD student at the University of Southampton, spent three weeks working on a in Guatemala before she started her first degree in archaeology at Durham. The voluntary trip with Earthwatch Institute set her back about £3,000 as she had to pay for the project and her own kit and airfare, but said it was a "once in a lifetime ...

Volunteer at Pella - Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation au

We do not arrange group bookings as most tend to have travel plans before or after their time with us at Pella. If you are interested in working at the important and beautiful site of Pella, a 2025 Pella Application form is available here. You can make a payment here. More . E: [email protected] P: +61 2 9351 4151

Volunteering Council for British Archaeology

Current Archaeology: Advertises across the UK and Ireland. Ventures: An independent project that sets up crowdfunded for CBA Groups: CBA Groups offer a range of activities including talks, conferences and site visits and some also undertake . They are a great source of ...

Volunteer Archaeology Opportunities | Projects Abroad US

Archaeology Abroad. Take part in archeological document history as a an Archaeology Project with us. Some of the activities you do can include: Restoration work. Excavation trips. Writing reports. Drawing maps. Keeping field documents. Understanding the past teaches us about our present and our future.

8 Archaeological Digs Where You Can Volunteer in 2022 - Matador Network

2. Archeological at an early settlement in Central Portugal. The site: The esteemed nonprofit Earthwatch Institute sponsors field school for adults interested in understanding the unsolved mysteries of prehistoric Portugal. The transition from pre-agricultural society to herding and farming is the primary focus of the Tagus Valley research.

Volunteering Council for British Archaeology

British Jobs and Resources: Mostly advertises employment but sometimes offers placements. Ventures: An independent project that sets up crowdfunded for Get Involved with your Local CBA Group . The voluntary CBA Groups Britain provide , publish their ...

Archaeology Opportunities Abroad | Projects Abroad au

Understanding the past teaches us about our present and our future. With a Projects Abroad volunteering project you'll really get your hands dirty and unearth the clues that teach us about human behaviour in the past and what it means to us now. If you're thinking about a future in this field of work, hands- experience is key.

Fieldwork - Archaeological Institute of America

AFOB. Each year thousands of students and go into the field to experience an excavation firsthand, and the Bulletin (AFOB) helps them find a project. AFOB is one of the largest resources in the , featuring hundreds of listings for projects globe.

Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin

Castelo De Cuncos Project ($1200 - 2 weeks, $1800 - 4 weeks) Castelo Project 2024 - Excavation Of A Bronze Age Site In Portugal ($1500-3 Weeks/$1850-4 Weeks) Castelo Velho de Safara - Summer Season 2024 (75£ a day) Castles in Communities: Irish Archaeology at Ballintober Castle.